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Mrs. Dutt, Assam

The product you sent, beekeepers honey, is of very good quality. And the service rendered by Coorg Basket is excellent


Good Work Good Job. Enjoyed whole family of mine. Delicious products. Good service. Looking forward to Growing Coorg Basket to Heights. No hesitation in recommending to others and the Coorg fraternity.

M B Bopanna
Kishen Kaverappa​

a) Neatly packed,logo is good , no damages ,presentation is impressive right approach to create brand value
b) Traditional and seasonal products like Madh Thoppu pricing reasonable and frankly it is about availability in Blore.
c) Spices quantity ,pricing is good .I feel you need to bring grower to consumer concept here
d) Jams taste is very natural
e ) Chocolates are good ,ginger candy is fantastic and different.
f) Website is good
g)Tharis are quite useful
Overall innovative and Coorg basket is doing a good job 👏 👍


I had come to know about Coorg Basket when I received a mailer on WhatsApp about ordering Madd Thoppu.
I ordered Madd Thoppu and 3 bottles of pickles (Lemon, Ambatte & Kaipuli). After tasting the 'para' we could not resist ordering 4 more bottles (Lemon, Ambatte, Baimballe & Kaipuli).
The delivery was prompt and the packaging was very good. Looking forward to seeing more Kodava items/savoury for us order.

Muddappa K
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