Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any products from us.

While ordering our products, you will be asked to check the terms and conditions of our website and by accepting that, we understand that you have read them carefully and that you agree to abide by all these mentioned below.


Once a user registers with coorgbasket.com, he/she will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the username and the password.  

Ensure to use strong login credentials and revise the same periodically. Coorgbasket.com will not be responsible for the activities of use or misuse of any information occurring in case of failure in following the same.

Personal Information

While using our website, you might be asked to provide us your personal information and that this information will be used for orders or shipping purposes and might also be used for the improvement of the website. The information shared by you will not be shared with any third party/parties.

The user or the member of coorgbasket.com holds the right to modify or delete any of the personal information provided.


Coorgbasket.com will communicate to you through e-mail in case of any offers, new product launch, orders and shipping records. You agree to give your consent to receive such communications from us periodically and as and when required.


Orders & Shipping:

A user can place any number of orders with no restrictions on the minimum number of items in the cart. Also, the user can make multiple orders in a day, week or month; no restriction is forced on the number of orders by a user until Coorgbasket.com decides to make any changes in this.

Any order above the total cart value of Rs.499/- within Bangalore limits will be shipped free but a minimum shipping charge will be applicable for orders outside Bangalore. (However, the shipping charges applicable for products sold in coorgbasket.com will change periodically and the same will be updated in our website).


  • A single payment of the entire cart value has to be made in full until which no order will be processed to shipment.
  • All the Shipping costs and other related fees have to be carefully looked into by the customer before placing the order.
  • No negotiation on any payment or fee will be encouraged. The payments being made on coorgbasket.com are transacted through Razorpay, supporting different modes of payment. Also, card information is not stored and all data is handled via TLS encryption.
  • Currently, we do not have an option of Cash/Pay on delivery.

Cancellation of orders:

 We do not have options to cancel the orders. The orders placed will be processed to shipment and then to delivery.

 Defective or different products:

 We take utmost care in delivering your orders safely. However, due to any unavoidable circumstance, if you receive a damaged product, we request you to follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • If the item received in a condition that is physically damaged or is different from its description as mentioned in the product page, we request you to document it by sending us a photograph of the same along with the outer cover (Packaging) to shop@coorgbasket.com or via WhatsApp on 733-820-5486.

Post review of the case, we will inform you the best option to move forward.



A refund in the form of a non-transferrable coupon is given to the customer worth the value of those items accounted for refund. This coupon has a validity of 6 months and any item from our website worth the amount mentioned in the coupon can be purchased within a period of 6 months from the data of issue.

Please note: These coupons cannot be transferred or gifted to others.


Feedback: For feedback on the products/services being sold on our website or the quality of service rendered, please write into shop@coorgbasket.com along with your name and contact details.


If you are a customer and have questions about the products we sell,


If you are a manufacturer of any Coorg products and if interested in selling your products on our website


In case you want to report any misuse of the products being sold on coorgbasket.com by customers or others,

 Kindly contact us via Whatsapp or call us on  733-820-5486 during our office hours (9:00AM – 9:00PM, all seven days of the week).


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