Bird’s Eye Chilli

170.00 / 50 gms

An essential ingredient in the Coorg cuisine, this tiny chilli is locally found in the wild and known as Parangi malu. Bird’s eye chilli is known to have multiple health benefits including aiding in weight loss and improves digestion

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These wild chillies found in the plantations of Coorg are carefully picked, cleaned, dried and are packed with great care. The bird’s eye chilli plant bears tiny fruits that are either green or red in color. This tiny chilli is among the top 10 hottest chillies in the world.

Direction of Use:
Add 3-4 chillies to spice up your curry. It can either be crushed, ground or directly used while cooking. Spice lovers- The best substitute to chilli flakes/chilli powder, this tiny chillies can be used crushed and used on your salad along with one teaspoon of lemon juice to give your salad that much needed zing.


Bird's Eye Chilli

Storage Instructions

Store the item in the same pack at room temperature. It can also be shifted to an air tight container.

Expiry (Shelf Life)

9 months from the date of manufacture

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Return Policy :

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  • 2 working days from the date of order for orders within Bangalore. Other cities/towns outside Bangalore, a minimum of 5 working days from the date of placing your order.
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